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“Geusi”is a company founded in 1988 in Farsala, Greece and owns two shops. The first one is placed in the center of the city and its purpose is exclusively for shelling, whilst the second one is [...]

Piazza Espression

“Piazza Espression” is a street café located in the center of Volos on the busiest corner. We used traditional Italian coffee shops as the inspiration for our overall vision. We designed the [...]

Arktos Liquid Philosophie

Arktos is a cocktail bar in the center of Volos, designed with a sense of spiritual mystery and tranquility, which offers local dishes and finely prepared beverages. Its name “Arktos”, influenced [...]

Cockatoo All Day Lounge

Cockatoo is an all-day lounge cafe bar based in Karditsa, Greece. The initial vision was based around the bars’ main selling focus of cocktails and brunch. We imagined a bright, colorful, summer [...]

Brother’s Pizza Bar

Brother’s is a pizza bar located in the center of Volos, Greece. This is the first of two restaurants we have designed for this client, the second being Almpyra also situated in Volos. The [...]