St. James Beer House

Volos, Greece | 2018

St. James is an authentic beer house in the center of Volos that follows the design of a traditional Irish pub. Although the original design concept took inspiration from authentic Irish Pubs, we wished to merge traditional and modern values to create a contemporary space.

Whilst in line with traditional designs, the main colors chosen are dark green, burgundy and black. With all the furniture made of dark wood and gold metal features adorning the space.
We took inspiration from the main entrance of the GUINNESS Museum in Ireland to create the background of the bar. This can be seen as the large black wooden door and the central positioning of the logo of the famous beer. A white lighted Plexiglas construction behind that door gives the impression of depth. On both sides, right and left, two brick columns are being designed.
The same woods used for the door also line for the entrance.

Overall we felt this modern twist on a traditional design, allowed us to create a contemporary space.

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