Product selling area



Karditsa, Greece | 2017

"Queendom" is a cosmetics shop and beauty studio. For this concept, we began with the creation of the logo, which formed the basic design principles of the entire pace. We positioned the logo in the center of the store to highlight its dominated influence on the design.

As the shop has two purposes, we divided the space into two sections based on the different functions. The front of the store focuses on the sale of the products, while the rest store houses the makeup-studio. We sourced materials to represent femininity and finesse, to reflect a sense of purity and luxury.We achieved this by choosing natural wood for the coating of the pillars, white shiny lacquer for the shelves and bronze metal elements to adorn the walls. We intensified the design, with the use of a grass surface to give the studio a sense of nature.

We felt that the final constructed design for this product, complemented the imagined vision that each person could feel like a queen in their own kingdom.

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