Volos, Greece | 2014

Petra is a contemporary bakery and patisserie in Volos, which’s branding and interior design were influenced by Greek traditional stone ovens. “Petra” is the Greek word for “stone”. Our vision was to create a shop that seems like an old traditional stone-built oven.

We used natural elements, such as wooden beams, wooden furniture and brick walls, combined with earthy colors, in order to create a rustic atmosphere. To enhance that feeling, we designed a custom made pendant light that resembles the old, traditional monastic rolling pins.

Petra’s initial target was to evolve as a franchise brand. For this reason, it was necessary to proceed with a design that could be easily adapted in different spatial conditions, maintaining though its brand recognition.

Wide Architects is an architectural brand based in Greece, focused on Architecture and Interior Design, rooted in creativity and innovation, which was founded in 2015. The team plans, researches, coordinates and manages projects, that include conceptual development, visualization, branding, site inspections and construction.

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