Notas Dairy Cheese Shop

Volos, Greece | 2016

Notas is a traditional cheese dairy shop, which has been open for over 60 years. Therefore our vision for its renovation was to maintain its authentic rustic atmosphere, whilst adding modern elements in order to create a new contemporary shop.

To enhance the traditional feel of the store, we wished to utilize the beauty of some of the old equipment and breathe new purpose into them. To achieve this, we constructed display shelves out of old cheese barrels and inscribed the price list on to an old-school black board.
For a unique twist, we designed a small attic in the store to host a small museum with specific references to Greek tradition and folklore, that exhibits old equipment for cheese production, folk costumes, etc.

As a result, the space designed gives the impression of entering an historic place of a past time, affording a contemporary design that respects its own history and traditions, yet modernized for the current world.

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