Neue Dönastie

Tübingen, Germany | 2017-2018

“Neue Dönastie” is a “on the go” food restaurant in Tübingen, Germany, who’s vision is to combine Kebabs with a healthy diet. It is a brand that, alongside meat lovers, also caters for vegan and vegetarians. The base concept for this design was to be able to order your food while on the road or at work.

We used this concept to image a design that blended the outside environment with the inside space. We believe this innovative design, by creating an internal outside illusion, fosters a sense of serenity.In order to nurture this blended vision of outdoor environment inside, we created the impression that the store is continuation of the road. For this purpose, the chosen flooring material was selected to resemble pavement tiles.We then emphasized the motif on the floor to lead the customer to the cashier, where a created structure directs the customer’s attention to the products presented for sale.

Finally the main space is designed to give the impression that the customer is experiencing an “open-air” space by positioning plants suspended from the ceiling. Overall we feel this new, innovative design paves the way towards a green sustainable future.

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