Golden Scissors

Volos, Greece | 2017-2018

Golden Scissors Hair Salon is located in the city center of Volos and provides services to both women and men. The space spans of two levels, of which the ground floor is dedicated to women’s hairdressing, while the first floor is for male grooming. The original design vision was to create different interior style on each floor to cater to the corresponding gender.

To achieve this, our goal was for the ground floor to look feminine and warm. We choose colors of white and light grey to reflect this. The distinctive wooden and bronze metal details offer the required luxury, while the round mirrors combined with the geometric elements of the upholstery enhance the elegance of the space. The result? A place with earthy tones that exudes harmony and tranquility.

In contrast we visualized the first floor, to exemplify male characteristics. We therefore took inspiration from features of a garage. Bold colors (blue and black) in combination with a roof with a sheet metal look, enhanced this sense of dynamism.

To connect the whole space, vertical wooden elements, which decorate and run along the wall behind the mirrors, creates a unifying condition of both floors.
We feel the overall result is a space with a modern approach and simple lines, which creates a sense of relaxation for the client, but remains professional.

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