Farsala, Greece | 2018 |
In collaboration with GroundPlan

“Geusi”is a company founded in 1988 in Farsala, Greece and owns two shops. The first one is placed in the center of the city and its purpose is exclusively for shelling, whilst the second one is both a shelling and a production area, replacing the first traditional production workshop of the family. Our team undertook the complete renovation of the second shop, where the two areas are hosted under the same roof; a two-story space with large openings on the facade. Our purpose was to create a sense of rough cement walls on the facade combined with wooden elements. For the openings’ decoration we designed a random pattern of wooden sticks, which thickens to the side of the production area and becomes lighter on the opening of the shelling area.

The interior decoration of the space follows the basic design principles of the central shop, which are the intense use of wooden elements and colors in earthy shades. A variation of an ortho-canonical grid forms the pattern of the roof, while in the same philosophy is the room separator that hides the stairs. The wallpaper with jungle references creates a fresh atmosphere.

Wide Architects is an architectural brand based in Greece, focused on Architecture and Interior Design, rooted in creativity and innovation, which was founded in 2015. The team plans, researches, coordinates and manages projects, that include conceptual development, visualization, branding, site inspections and construction.

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