“Cougar Swimsuits” is a brand store of “Cougar Sports” selling swim accessories, such as swimsuits, clothing, towels etc.

We took inspiration from the stores swim theme but decided to create a unique space that differs from similar retail outlets. We therefore imagined a space that imitates underwater by resembling the bottom of a swimming pool. To achieve this illusion, we divided the store into two stages. The first section resembles a pool under construction, with unfinished concrete walls, whilst the other section depicts a completed pool with blue tiles. In keeping with this theme, we chose sconces that mimic pool lights and placed these at the bottom of the products shelves, with ceiling lights in three lines to resemble swimming pool tracks.

We feel that, with the original vision in mind, we were able to create the sense of walking step by step into a swimming pool, as you enter further into the store.

Wide Architects is an architectural brand based in Greece, focused on Architecture and Interior Design, rooted in creativity and innovation, which was founded in 2015. The team plans, researches, coordinates and manages projects, that include conceptual development, visualization, branding, site inspections and construction.

We imagine. We design. We construct.