Cockatoo All Day Lounge

Karditsa, Greece | 2018

Cockatoo is an all-day lounge cafe bar based in Karditsa, Greece. The initial vision was based around the bars’ main selling focus of cocktails and brunch. We imagined a bright, colorful, summer atmosphere that would differ from the surrounding grey or brown cafe bars. The clients’ wishes for a unique and vibrant space led to our vision of a jungle, which informed our branding and then subsequently our design. In line with this, the interior design is centrally based upon the unique branding, which was inspired by the cockatoo parrot.

Having this in mind, we imagined a fresh and exotic place, full of colors and tropical plants. We used shades of green, blue, yellow and pink blended together harmoniously, combined with black and gold metal details and dark wood surfaces to create this vision. Wooden arcs, suspended from the high ceiling, create a cage like structure, to replicate a birdcage.
Overall, we felt this lively design, creates the perfect space for a fresh new approach to the cafe bar experience.

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