Exterior view

Interior view

Interior view

Brother's Pizza Bar

Volos, Greece | 2015

Brother's is a pizza bar located in the center of Volos, Greece. This is the first of two restaurants we have designed for this client, the second being Almpyra also situated in Volos.

The menu for this restaurant is based around both Italian and American cuisine, so we imagined blending these two cultures together to form the basis of the design concept for this restaurant. For the Italian aspect of this design, we wished to create a warm and cozy space by using earth colours of brown, terracotta, bronze and copper. To add an American flavour, we used industrial grey to foster a cool and contemporary sense.

Due to the high ceilings, we designed the layout of the space to resemble a patio style dining area. We also gave Brothers a unique hidden design characteristic that is not always obvious at first glance. Drawing inspiration from our earth colors and concept, we positioned the tables in the center strategically to appear as if they were part of a river, flowing from the front of the restaurant, to the end where the visible kitchen is positioned. Two raised seating areas on either side of the space represent a river’s embankment and the specifically designed large copper lighting overhead, imitate floating lanterns in the sky. We therefore based the furnishings and positioning around this unique philosophy.

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