Bedroom Club

Volos, Greece | 2016

Bedroom is a prominent club in the nightlife scene of Volos, Greece. Our vision for its renovation was to create a space that resembles an old destroyed warehouse to fit with our imagined industrial theme for not only bedroom itself, but in keeping with the surrounding area.

We created damaged concrete walls and sourced rusty metal surfaces to form the foundations of this design. We supplemented this with a custom made led-grid designed to enhance the feeling of movement. Across the grid, a huge mirror was placed to create an illusion of a non-stop lighting grid, within the nightclub. The industrial style, we intended to achieve, is completed with decorative metal “raindrops” that we placed along the ceiling.

Bedroom club is located at the ground floor of a large multi-purpose event centre. As a result, the columns of the building are disproportionately large in comparison to the club’s free space. In order to minimize the significance of this and create a condition of “balance” and symmetry, in keeping with the design, we placed large led circles suspended from the ceiling.

We feel, with this design, we were able to create a sense that bedroom is the ‘warehouse section’ of an overall large factory structure, allowing this and the whole surrounding area to elude an industrial impression.

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