Arktos Liquid Philosophie

Volos, Greece | 2015

Arktos is a cocktail bar in the center of Volos, designed with a sense of spiritual mystery and tranquility, which offers local dishes and finely prepared beverages.

Its name “Arktos”, influenced by the Great Bear constellation (arktos is the Greek word for bear), was the inspiration for both the branding and the interior design of the bar. We used this basis to image a design that resembles being inside a planetarium. Using this concept, we wished to create the illusion of standing under a sky full of stars. We achieved this by positioning lamps in the shape of celestial bodies suspended from the ceiling, with several multifaceted mirrors strategically placed to enhance this feeling.

Arktos is open all year round, therefore our vision was to create a bar designed to appeal to all seasons. For this purpose, we blended the planetarium concept with the design of an atrium, offering a sense of space and light, to stimulate an interior external environment. We created this dynamic by using greenery on the ceiling, blended with the existing constellation design, resulting in an indoor garden space where you can enjoy your cocktail whilst looking at the “stars”.

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