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“Geusi”is a company founded in 1988 in Farsala, Greece and owns two shops. The first one is placed in the center of the city and its purpose is exclusively for shelling, whilst the second one is [...]

Dietetic Office

A dietetic office is primarily focused on nutritional and health issues across a wide spectrum of client groups. With this in mind, designing such a place requires special care, in order to [...]

St. James Beer House

St. James is an authentic beer house in the center of Volos that follows the design of a traditional Irish pub. Although the original design concept took inspiration from authentic Irish Pubs, we [...]


“Queendom” is a cosmetics shop and beauty studio. For this concept, we began with the creation of the logo, which formed the basic design principles of the entire pace. We positioned [...]

Piazza Espression

“Piazza Espression” is a street café located in the center of Volos on the busiest corner. We used traditional Italian coffee shops as the inspiration for our overall vision. We designed the [...]


Petra is a contemporary bakery and patisserie in Volos, which’s branding and interior design were influenced by Greek traditional stone ovens. “Petra” is the Greek word for “stone”. Our vision [...]

Oggi Kids

OGGI KIDS is a children’s clothing store, designed with a “play” vision concept. We imagined the idea of the store, as a children’s playground, both indoors and outdoors in the same place. As you [...]

Notas Dairy Cheese Shop

Notas is a traditional cheese dairy shop, which has been open for over 60 years. Therefore our vision for its renovation was to maintain its authentic rustic atmosphere, whilst adding modern [...]

Neue Dönastie

“Neue Dönastie” is a “on the go” food restaurant in Tübingen, Germany, who’s vision is to combine Kebabs with a healthy diet. It is a brand that, alongside meat lovers, also caters for vegan and [...]

Golden Scissors

Golden Scissors Hair Salon is located in the city center of Volos and provides services to both women and men. The space spans of two levels, of which the ground floor is dedicated to women’s [...]