end to end architectural studio

Wide Architects is a Volos-based design practice, founded on 2015. The initial idea was to create a multipurpose brand, which includes a wide range of services, such as architecture and interior design, 3d visualization, creative production and branding, cost analysis, licensing and construction management.

Our team is compiled by professionals of different expertise; architects, designers, civil engineers and contractors, in order to achieve an holistic design in a short time and wise management in each phase of the construction.

By looking at the trends influencing design today, we create for the future.  Our goal is to bring in each space we design a unique identity, respecting alongside our client’s wishes.


Specific key points are there to define a successful construction.


architectural design


interior design






3D visualization



wide projects

We focus on finding the best solution for each design case, whether it is architecture, interior design or construction.

Every project presents a diverse set of challenges.

No matter the project size or budget, our team is dedicated to providing a full range of experience, technical expertise and design innovation.

Wide Architects is an architectural brand based in Greece, focused on Architecture and Interior Design, rooted in creativity and innovation, which was founded in 2015. The team plans, researches, coordinates and manages projects, that include conceptual development, visualization, branding, site inspections and construction.

We imagine. We design. We construct.

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